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Wxy Diffuser

Wxy Diffuser



  • Bed 100ml diffuser

  • Reed diffuser with 3 super-chunky reeds,

  • super sleek matt finish white glass bottle

  • Lasts approx 6-8 weeks

  • Paraben free

  • Hand poured in the UK

  • Charity donation



warm musk + black vanilla

For getting your thing on, worship the duvet, make it smell good.

Musky scents of divine and sweet black vanilla that’ll make you want to stay in bed all, day, long.



sunshine + cedar

Here comes the sun, musky summertime scent, everybody loves the sunshine. A hot and heady mix of woods, Californian citrus, and aromatics.



rosemary + juniper

For the Gin Lovers, Floral and fresh.

Down, down, down, into the mystic blue.

A fresh and aromatic fragrance with a sea fresh top note.



avocado lime + cucumber water

A joyful way to get your greens. Refreshing notes of cucumber

softened with avocado greens and a hint of uplifting lime. It must be good for you, right?









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